Conversational wallet UI

Please note: this article is a work in progress

Initial brainstorming/outline:

  • Of cryptocurrencies’ many issues preventing them from going mainstream, usability is a major problem still.
  • Improving the wallet improves a core experience to cryptocurrencies
  • There have been many crypto wallet innovations the past few years
  • Conversational UIs offer a near-universally understood way of interacting: conversation.
  • Conversational interfaces work well in many mediums
    • For example: feature-rich chats (fb messenger bots, slack, etc), basic chats (think MUDs), voice-controlled, …
    • Basically works on any connected device — even the Nokia 1100 (most popular phone in the world) via sms
    • The versatility of the interfaces gives the concept more global potential - a fantastic concept since a huge benefit of Bitcoin is that “Bitcoin makes everyone their own bank”. This means that cryptocurrency could help provide “financial services” (correct term?) to the hundreds of million (billions?) of “under-banked people”.
  • The conversational UI could serve as an educator – after all, it could answer questions that the user might have about the very new concept of cryptocurrency/Bitcoin/blockchains/mining/whatever.
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