Home Area Locator

Looking for something to build? Feel free to borrow this idea.

I’d love to see the final result if you use this idea! Send your finished product to me on twitter @tsnieman!

Rough outline:

Here’s what I did to narrow down the geographical area that I used to search for a house:

  • created a map using Google’s “MyMaps” for myself at https://www.google.com/mymaps
  • Navigate to the city you’re thinking of finding a home in
  • In MyMaps, you can create lists of location. To start, I created two lists:
    1. Rad stuff
    2. Potential houses
  • In “Rad stuff” list:
    • start adding stuff in that city that you like. Like, literally anything – for example: burger shops you like, grocery stores (i.e. ALL safeways in the Metro area you’re searching for houses, not just safeways you actually shop at now lol), movie theaters, pet shops, gyms, parks, major public transportation hubs, bike trails, … anything that you want to live somewhat near.
    • I also plot my friends houses so I can see if my potential new home would be near my friends
    • You’ll
  • In the "Potential houses list:
    • Save the location of a home you found (on Zillow, Craigslist, apartment hunting site, etc) + the link to the listing for that home.
  • I like to assign little icons to items in my map lists – “MyMaps” lets you assign various pre-made icons.

After plotting a ton of stuff, you should end up with a map that looks something like this:

"Example map"

Which is awesome for not only finding “hotspots” to pay attention to – either to live directly in, or near enough that direct transportation is available and quick.

This map will be useful AFTER you get a new place too: you can also turn “MyMaps” on as a layer on Google Maps at any time.

"Example map toggle"


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